Looney Toons Mahjong Game

Looney Mahjong Solitaire.

Looney Mahjong Solitaire Game, Great For Kids.

Looney Mahjong is a great mahjong solitaire game for kids. It is a tile matching game that will sharpen the mind. It has the fun looney toon characters, easy to recognize and helps promote memory.

The game has east to follow in game instructions.

The object of the game is to remove as many tiles as possible from the playing board.

Tiles are removed by matching pairs and can only be removed from the left or right edges. Any tile that is not on a left or right edge is considered blocked and cannot be selected or removed.

Note, though, that the tiles are arranged in 5 levels and each level has a left and right edge, so there are more unblocked tiles then it would first appear. You can use the Hint button to see what matches can be made, but it will cost you 25 points.

There are 72 tiles on the board. They are categorized is the following way:

4 Duplicate of 9 Characters faces for a total of 36 tiles.

4 Duplicate of anvils, for a total of 4 tiles.

4 Looney Tunes Logo Tiles, for a total of 4 tiles.

4 Duplicate of Bombs(2 types, numbered 1 and 2), for a total of 8 tiles.

4 Duplicate of dynamite(3 types, numbered 1,2 and 3), for a total of 12 tiles.

4 Duplicate of Acme Boxes(2 types, numbered 1 and 2), for a total of 8 tiles.