Shanghai Mahjong Solitaire

Shanghai Mahjong Solitaire

A challenging Mahjong Solitaire.

This is a fun, and hard mahjong solitaire freee game. It does not have any options, you can not selct a different layout. The only thing you can do is advance through the 5 levels. And let me tell you, it is a challenge.

The first board starts out hard. This game is not for young children, it is for experienced mahjong players. If you are looking for a challenge, get the first five levels under your belt.

If you did not already know, Shanghai Mahjong is a tile matching game. It uses the tiles from the ancient Chinese game mahjong. The actual game of mahjong is a four player rummy game. Shanghai mahjong, or mahjong solitaire as it is also called is a different game, using the same tile set.

This is the first 5 levels, the next 2500+ will cost you.